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As a family company that holds multiple generations, we are committed to securing opportunities for future generations by taking responsibility and making conscientious choices.

Achieving an ECOVADIS silver medal places us in the top 25% of all reviewed companies. Our VLERICK Business School certification in “Take the Lead: Sustainability Management” demonstrates our commitment to action and provides a framework for ongoing progress. This is just the beginning for us. We continuously strive to improve across various ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives.

We firmly believe that MEGA-doc can drive the shift towards circular business models. Acting as a partner between vendors, distributors, and end customers, we support recycling, warranty programs, digital product passports, and more. Our services can address future challenges, helping businesses commit to sustainability goals.

Our purpose is to add value to the supply chain while ensuring products reach their full potential and can be recycled. With our will to contribute to a circular model, we lead the way for our customers and their end users, bridging gaps and ensuring all partners feel confident and supported.